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Your local, trusted arborist. Here to take care of all your tree care needs. We offer a vast array of services including the following:

Tree Surgery

We can help with all your tree surgery needs. From a large oak tree that needs removal to a small hedge.

Tree Cutting | Pruning | Trimming

When your trees need to be trimmed, pruned or even removed, we can help. All tree types taken care of.

Tree Felling

The process of cutting down either a single or multiple trees and disposing of all waste, branches & logs.

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction removes weight from branches and allows the tree to be less ‘top-heavy’ & more healthy.

Stump Removal

After tree removal, the stump can also be cut below ground level to remove all traces and leave you with a clear area.

Hedge Cutting

Enhance your property with our professional hedge cutting. From a one-off trim to regular maintenance, we can help.

Emergency Tree Removal

From a loose hanging branch to a tree blocking a road or any emergency situation, we will be able to help. Contact us anytime.

Tree Reshaping

Transform the look of your trees with our professional tree pruning service, leaving them looking stunning and healthy.

Sectional Dismantling

Tree removal carried out in smaller sections to ensure no damage occurs to the surrounding area.

Dead Wood Removal

Removing dead sections and branches from a tree promotes healthy growth and can prevent disease from spreading.

Domestic Tree Surgery

We cater for all aspects of residential tree surgery. All works undertaken to the highest standard.

Commercial Tree Surgery

From builders to schools, we have many commercial clients. Call us if you also require commercial tree services.

We will ensure all your Tree Surgery requirements are swiftly dealt with. Contact us now on 01234 862 086

About us

At Kempston Tree Surgeons, we are dedicated to ensuring that the services we offer exceed our client’s expectations. With decades of combined experience, you can be confident that you are in safe hands, and no matter whether your tree care needs are large or small, we will ensure we deliver the same high standard of workmanship on all projects we undertake. For the best tree surgery in Kempston and the surrounding areas of Bedfordshire, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime and schedule your FREE site survey. You can find out more about us here.

Here are some photos of our skilled tree surgeons hard at work
This is a photo of a tree which has grown through the roof of a barn that is being cut down and removed. There is a digger that is removing sections of the tree as well. Kempston Tree Surgeons
This is a photo of a tree being felled. A tree surgeon is currently removing the last section, the logs are stacked in a pile. Kempston Tree Surgeons
This is a photo of a wood area which is having multiple trees removed. The trees have been cut up into logs and are stacked in a row. Kempston Tree Surgeons
Other areas in the surroundings of KEMPSTON, BEDFORDSHIRE where we can offer our tree surgery services in:

Tree Surgery

Tree surgery encompasses diverse services vital for ensuring the well-being and safety of trees, shrubs, and plants. At our disposal, we have a comprehensive array of specialised tools, climbing equipment, and aerial aids that enable us to perform intricate operations, preserving the health of your trees throughout the process. Our expertise spans from selective crown reductions to corrective pruning and deadwood removal, offering services to bolster tree resilience against diseases, pests, and potential hazards.

Beyond mere aesthetics, tree surgery is crucial in promoting tree growth and mitigating the risk of property damage caused by falling branches or uprooted trees, especially during severe weather conditions or floods. Our professional tree surgery services are designed to safeguard trees from preventable harm, enhancing their longevity and vitality.

From a safety perspective, it involves the meticulous reduction of branch overhangs, mitigating the potential damage they could inflict on properties. Additionally, the aesthetic improvements brought about by expert tree surgery not only enhance the appeal of your garden or landscape but also elevate the value of your home.

Executing tree surgery is a complex and vital task that demands extensive experience and expertise. It necessitates an in-depth understanding of tree biology, including their life cycles and signs of health issues. Our process commences with a thorough assessment to gauge the current status of the tree. Subsequently, we employ precise pruning and trimming techniques, removing diseased or damaged branches where necessary.

Our approach is meticulously aimed at extending the lifespan of trees while ensuring minimal environmental disruption. Our adept tree surgery services enhance the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings and contribute significantly to your trees’ overall health and safety, preserving their natural beauty for years to come.

Tree Felling

Tree felling is a precise and expertly executed process carried out by our dedicated arborists, who possess extensive experience and knowledge in understanding the structure of trees and the best practices for their removal. This skilled technique involves either de-limbing a tree or directly cutting its trunk, necessitating specialised equipment such as chainsaws, chippers, or winches, depending on the tree’s size and condition.

Our approach to tree felling prioritises responsible practices to minimise soil erosion and habitat disruption. This means taking great care to preserve the surrounding trees, plants, and wildlife while removing only what is necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

The process of tree felling begins with a thorough assessment of the environment. Our experts evaluate various factors, including the tree’s species, nearby hazards, and the necessary clearance for safe removal. Once this evaluation is complete, we proceed with the precise cutting of the tree, utilising specialised chainsaws, hand tools, or machinery to ensure minimal additional damage. After the tree has been felled, we meticulously remove it from the site, either in sections or using our specialised chipping machine. To provide you with a clean slate, we can remove the remaining stump using our high-powered grinding machine.

There are several compelling reasons to consider felling trees on your property. It can be a crucial step when preparing for a construction project or seeking to enhance the aesthetics and health of your garden and surroundings. Our team possesses the knowledge, experience, and equipment necessary to remove unwanted trees entirely safely. Furthermore, regular maintenance by our expert arborists contributes to the safety and strength of nearby trees by identifying potential hazards such as deadwood and misaligned branches.

For those looking to maximise the potential of their land, tree felling can create sunlit spaces that are otherwise difficult to access and maintain. This can facilitate the creation of new planting beds or outdoor features like patios, resulting in additional usable green space. Whatever your reasons for considering tree felling, it’s crucial to consult with experts before proceeding with your plans. We offer free surveys and are more than happy to discuss your needs at a convenient time.

Tree Cutting | Pruning and Trimming

Caring for your trees is vital to ensure their vitality and longevity. Tree cutting, pruning, and trimming are essential practices in this endeavour, fostering growth, safety, and aesthetics. Unattended trees often fall prey to diseases or structural issues, posing hazards to their surroundings. Our comprehensive services are designed to maintain your trees’ health and condition for the long term, administered by experts well-versed in tree cutting, pruning, and trimming.

The art of cutting, pruning, and trimming demands skill and precision. Our skilled operatives are well-trained in every facet of tree management. They provide removal and pruning services that guarantee safety and enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space.

Our pruning services are tailored to reduce the size of large branches, curbing the spread of dangerous diseases and ensuring better access to sunlight for healthier growth. Trimming trees back from their surroundings enhances visibility and elevates the overall aesthetics of your landscaping. With our professional cutting, pruning, and trimming services, you receive unparalleled workmanship that guarantees the sustained health of your trees over the years.

Should you have any queries about tree cutting, pruning, or trimming, or if you wish to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced arborists, please feel free to get in touch anytime. Our services cater to residential and commercial clients, ensuring the trees on your property receive the best care possible.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a delicate pruning technique carefully employed to reduce a tree’s crown’s overall size and density. This method is not just about aesthetics; it plays a pivotal role in the health and vitality of the tree. By strategically trimming specific branches, we enhance the tree’s exposure to light and air, enabling the remaining branches to flourish.

Our team of skilled professionals is committed to delivering top-notch services. When conducting a crown reduction, we focus on preserving the tree’s natural beauty while eliminating dead or diseased branches. Our process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the tree crown. We then meticulously prune, removing dense areas and ensuring a balanced, symmetrical crown. In some cases, we use metal frameworks like copper rods or braces to add volume and attain the desired shape. You can rely on us, the tree surgery specialists, to efficiently handle your tree crown lifting requirements.

Post-crown reduction, safeguarding the tree’s health is paramount. Newly exposed areas where branches have been removed are vulnerable to infections. Proper sealing of cuts with pruning sealer or wound dressing is crucial. Additionally, mulching around the tree base and exposed root areas protects against weed growth. Mulch also provides insulation and essential resources, nurturing the tree’s well-being. Monitoring for bacterial diseases is imperative in the subsequent years. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you suspect any signs of infection or disease. We offer expert diagnoses and timely solutions.

For all your crown reduction needs, we are your trusted partners. We collaborate with you to assess if crown reduction is the ideal solution for your tree. Throughout the process, we keep you informed, ensuring transparency and understanding.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is indispensable for achieving a pristine finish after tree removal. This method employs a specialised grinding machine designed to pulverise tree stumps into small wood chips swiftly and securely, ensuring a property free from unsightly remnants. The process not only simplifies the removal of tree roots but also eradicates any visible stumps, leaving you with a clean slate for your plans.

Traditional means of stump removal, like manual digging or chemicals, often prove challenging and environmentally unfriendly. In contrast, our stump grinding service utilises cutting-edge equipment with blades that swiftly grind wood. The sheer power of these machines enables our skilled operatives to grind away at the stump until it vanishes, leaving only wood chips behind. This method is not only effective but also eco-conscious, ensuring the removal of old stumps without causing harm to your property. Little wonder it’s a preferred choice among our residential and commercial clients.

Our dedicated team comprises experienced and knowledgeable professional arborists adept at grinding stumps of various sizes. We offer competitive rates and employ state-of-the-art machinery to ensure efficient and safe results, all while causing minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. Every project we undertake is meticulously inspected, providing top-notch service for all our clients.

With years of expertise in stump grinding, we guarantee quick, efficient, and affordable solutions. Contact us today for a complimentary quote and to discuss your stump removal needs. Let us help you transform your property into the clean, unblemished space you envision.

Hedge Cutting

Hedge cutting is a delicate art that demands the expertise of a skilled specialist with an in-depth understanding of various hedge varieties and their unique requirements. It involves a meticulous process aimed at refining the hedge’s size, shape, and overall appearance. Our dedicated team initially employs petrol strimmers or shears to trim the hedge, ensuring an even shape. We meticulously remove dead wood or diseased patches, followed by a final precise cut with sharp blades or shears to achieve a crisp finish. A beautifully manicured hedge enhances your property’s curb appeal, setting your landscape apart from others.

Understanding the timing and reasons behind hedge cutting is crucial for proper garden maintenance. Hedges serve as essential borders, providing privacy and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. However, they need to pay attention to their care to avoid overgrowth, making them unsightly, obstructive, and potentially hazardous. Regular cutting of hedges promotes healthy growth and prevents them from becoming unmanageable.

Regular hedge cutting is vital for maintaining an attractive and healthy garden. As experts in tree care, we strongly recommend scheduling periodic hedge cuts to ensure they retain their optimal appearance. This practice preserves their visual appeal and prevents them from growing excessively wide or tall, allowing ample light for your flowers and shrubs. It’s advisable to trim any overhanging branches before the onset of each new season, promoting the overall well-being of your garden.

Investing in professional hedge cutting services guarantees that your hedges remain vibrant, healthy, and visually appealing. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to discover more about our hedge-trimming services or to arrange a free consultation. Let us help you transform your hedges into a testament to your garden’s beauty.